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2001 SL1
Default Re: Trying to replace brake shoes on 2001 SL1

Okay, shoes are on. No problem. Had to file the hole for the brass pin a bit, but it's in. My problem now is that I have no pedal!

Here's what I did. Replaced the shoes exactly as the video instructed. (It's nice having an ipod with video.) But first I replaced the wheel cylinders after I found one that was leaking. All snug no drips, wipe and checked again and had neighbor check it a third time. It's all good. Then I had my cousin help me bleed the brakes, but still no pedal.

Is there a sequence to the bleeding? Should I be checking something else?

***************Just read the other posts about bleed or no bleed********

The fluid in my resevior is almost BLACK! So if I get rid of that fluid and replace with new, it might help my situation right?

Greenhorn with anything mechanical, but learning.

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