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Default Re: Curious, why no brake bleeding if changing pads?

Originally Posted by linuxdude View Post
I guess I'll be the guy to ask the dumb question: if one is just changing let's say front disc pads and rotors, is it actually a bad thing to bleed the brakes once the job is done?

I was planning on doing my 97 SL2 pads and rotors this year sometime, and figured I'd bleed the brake lines once done. If that's bad, of course I'd like to know !
It isn't necessary and isn't going to do anything to help you. If the hydraulic system is opened for any reason the system needs to be bled, otherwise leave the bleeders alone!! Generally a person creates a problem that didn't exist prior when they try to bleed their brakes thinking they are doing something good. Put on your pads and rotors, adjust your rear brakes if they are drum and be done with it.

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