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Default Re: Fan turns on too late

Originally Posted by dmacias666
I'll take your word that it is normal, all of you. However, the first time the temp gauge went to the half way point I drove straight to the dealer. While the car was parked, and off, it leaked coolent on the ground. Enough to alarm one of the techs. As I said, eventually I was told that the fan was working yet it still makes me nervous as it never goes much higher than one quarter when I am driving on the freeway. With my previous Olds I notices the same thing. When the fan was burned out it still would not go above one quarter while on the freeway. I assume that for both one quarter is the normal temp.

First let me say again, your temp gauge is not marked in actual degrees. What an Oldsmobile gauge means and what a Saturn gauge means will be different. The engineers have determined what they feel to be too hot. For two different cars, that will most likely be different. But instead of putting the actual temp there they just put a RED area. Regardless of what that really is, it is hot for THAT car. Without actual temps on the gauge, the gauge is ONLY a relative indicator. No matter how HOT the red area is, 212 degrees or 500 degrees it doesn't matter, red is hot.

Now for a little physics. Pure water boils at 212 degrees F. at sea level. If you put that same water in a sealed container and pressurize it, it has to get hotter before it boils. Add to that, anti-freeze/coolant. This mix also raises the boiling temp. You stated that coolant ran over. I would look at the resevoir cap. If the cap is leaking, the system can not pressurize. If it can't pressurize, it WILL boil at a temp lower than what it was designed to. That DOES NOT mean that the car has overheated.

If you noted the data in my previous post, you will see that the PCM did not even command the fan on untill 221 deg F, well over the normal boiling point but yet was NOT in the red.

Others have illuded that you need to change the ECTS. IF it is the resin tipped and IF it is cracked, you need to changea the ECTS. This can and will provide false informantion to the PCM.

Trying to compair the Olds, temp gauge with the Saturn is like compairing Apples and Oranges

Does the temp gauge EVER get into or REAL close to the red?
Does the fan come on before the temp gets to the red?
Do you get heat from theheater when selected"
Are you noticing recent auto salvage yardNormal running temp, just below 3/8 indication, 85 deg C - 185 deg F
3/8 indication 94 deg C - 201 deg F
1/2 indication 101 deg C - 214 deg F
Fan came on at just below 5/8 105 deg C - 221 deg F
Fan went off at 97 deg C - 206 deg F
I allowed the engine to run long enough to go through 2 fan on/off cycles to verify the on/off temps. I then turned the Air Cond on to force fan on. I allowed the AC to run a minute or so then turned it off. The fan continued to run untill the coolant temp was below 85 deg C, 185 deg F.

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