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Default Re: Ticking from engine at idle

sorry its been awhile , well i grew the balls and went and pulled my valve cover off (had to replace the seals they were leaking) and didn't see any chain slap it actually looked brand new so maybe someone worked on it before , i did notice however that on the side of the tick there were like black carbon deposits like carbon buildup , recently did another oil change to see if it would help and it did a little iv been putting seafoam in my gas and been using Lucas oil stabilizer also and the tick is near not noticeable, alot of people are telling me to put some seafoam in the oil to help clean it up before my next oil change not sure what you guys think but from what iv herd its like a god sent for noisy lifters, not sure about marvel though its to damm expensive but if Susan (i named my car yea so ) needs it ill do it , love to hear what you think about the seafoam theory !


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