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Default Re: Changing the serpentine belt on the Ecotec

I just did my 2005 Vue 2.2. I took the air filter box off (1 bolt and the clamp) Then I could clearly see the 3/8 socket location. I had a old 3/8 breaker bar and was able to get it into the socket with no problem. The breaker bar has a hole in the end so I inserted a wrap tie through the motor lift bracket and the hole in the end of the breaker bar. Then I just pulled up on the bar and pulled the wrap tie tight.

The old belt slipped off without a problem. Putting the new one on was a fiddle but with the tension-er out of the way it was not a problem. Once the new belt was in place I just cut the wrap tie with a pair of side cutters. (good to have your other hand in your back pocket when cutting the wrap tie ) I did all of the install from the tops side.

Thanks to everyone who posted pictures and instructions!! Made the job pretty easy.

I should have taken pictures but I always remember that when I close the hood.

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