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Default Re: Changing the serpentine belt on the Ecotec

Originally Posted by Bigdaddy94sc2 View Post
It is really pretty easy. It goes in an oblong circle, with the tensioner holding force in the downward direction. There are only 3 pulleys it goes around.... Just make sure to look at it before you take it off. Use a 3/8" drive ratchet to relieve tension on the tensioner, and you are off!

IIRC, there is a diagram in the owners manual.
I just signed up here to say........


I watched a dozen plus videos showing a different motor where you crank the pulley "up" just using a 13mm socket or something along those lines but it's a different design (Without the oblong bracket assembly)

I didn't even consider (or see) the square hole in the assembly and had literally tried 1) Grabbing and pulling with my hand (I'm not strong enough) 2) Pushing it up from under the car (My arms aren't tiny enough) and 3) grabbing the bracket with a slide hammer and pulling up (My slide hammer is too big!)

You saved my knuckles and prevented the neighborhood kids from learning quite a few new 4 letter words, many thanks to you again.

Patiently waiting until the day my cavalier is reduced to a pile of a rust and is relegated to a only a bad memory,



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