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There is a hose that connects to below the throttle body and goes to the top of the coolant reservoir.

Looks like I have a few problems:

- Oil in the throttle body (probably PCV)
- A lot of oil in the intake (probably PCV)
- I broke a couple of clips off of those cheap plastic covers covering the solenoids? on the vehicle-left side of the intake. I'd read the disassembly instructions incorrectly and thought I had to remove the covers-- it's been a long week
- Doesn't look like I have spacer gaskets-- there's definitely sealant there, but no actual gaskets. I'm not a fan of lazy-boy gaskets like that, especially when the real deal is readily available. About par for the course, as according to the MX records, the dealership was the last one in there.

That muffler guy told me that oil slings P0420 (or maybe P0430-- I don't remember), but that it's coolant that slings P0421. Either way, I don't see any coolant leaks thus far, but my reservoir is a little low-- about 1/2 inch below the cold full line.

I'll pull the plugs and replace the thermostat tomorrow and keep looking.

Meanwhile, I need another post or two to be able to link, so I'll make a couple of bogus posts so I can link to a web album of what I've found so far. If you get a chance, could you tell me what you think?


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