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Default Re: Drum Brake Adjuster Kit Question

It's been a while but I have an update. A few weeks ago I overhauled the drum brakes, swapping the parking brake cables, backing plates, wheel hub assemblies, wheel cylinders, and all the rest of the hardware. Since my car lived in NY for most of her life, most of the drum brake hardware was badly rusted. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I can find rust free parts in the junkyard. I used junkyard backing plates, parking brake cables, and parking brake springs. After cleaning them up, they looked brand new.

Anyway, the problem with the drums going out of adjustment persists. Using the parking brake does indeed cause increased pedal travel. I have to adjust the star wheels by hand to restore the pedal height each time I use the parking brake. I verified that everything is installed correctly, according to the FSM. I made extra sure that the adjusters were on the correct sides and that the adjuster levers were engaging the star wheels. I also followed the FSM parking brake adjustment procedure.

Could the master cylinder have an internal leak? My theory is that using the parking brake resets the adjusters to the proper position. However, because there is an internal leak, it's preventing the wheel cylinders from fully extending out each time the pedal is pressed. Could this be possible?


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